This Is It

Hello everyone–

I’ve moved my blog over to  For some unfathomable, extremely frustrating reason, I cannot seamlessly shift all my subscribers over.  So, you’ll have to click here to subscribe.  The latest post “Sailing A Star-Crossed Sea” is about our recent visit to Mallorca, Spain.

xo, Suzanne

Motorcycles, Donkeys, and We Three Kings

Suzanne Rico on motorcycle in Lisbon, Portugal

Motorcycle Mama!

Hey there–

I’ve got two new posts up at – one is a tour of Lisbon by 1947-era motorcycle and the other on the crazy, colorful Los Reyes Magos parade that ended across the street from our apartment.  Please head on over and be sure to subscribe so I can stop sending out these notes!

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72 Hours in Lisbon, Portugal

Restaurant reviews, ancient bones, and a tour through a quaintly crumbling city!  Go to for the lowdown on Lisbon.

Happy New Year!


The Day After Christmas

White paper peace dove

Peace On Earth – Always

Why does December 26th always leave me with a lump in my throat?  Perhaps because it’s a reminder that at some point, you have to get back to real life…

My post, “Feliz Navidad, Zambomba Style” is up at, so head on over to find out what the heck a “zambomba” is anyway!  And if you haven’t yet, please subscribe on right hand side — it’s the link next to the little blue heart–kind of like I’m feeling today.

Hope your Christmas was merry and that the blues aren’t chasing you the day after.



p.s.  The christmas ornament in the photo was made by Kate Ramirez –so talented!

Never Enough Time – Rome, 2013

Hi friends–

My post “Time In A Bottle” is up at  Please head over there to Walking Paper’s new home to subscribe because eventually, I’ll be shutting this site down.  I’ll be sad to see it go, but it’s time.

For those of you who have let me know about the problems posting comments at, thank you.  It should be fixed now.  And please keep the feedback coming, because if I don’t know what bugs are there, I can’t get them fixed!

Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season.



9/11 Museum — The Keeper Of Memories

The Freedom Tower in New York

Freedom Tower In Clouds

Hi Friends,

My latest post, about the 9/11 Museum in New York, is up at  Just click the link!  Please subscribe there, as I’m trying to get everything moved over and it’s not as easy as you think!

xo, Suzanne

Walking Papers On The Move!

Suzanne Rico's website

Home Sweet Home!

After three years of dreaming about creating my own website, is finally done.  Not done-done, but done enough to become Walking Papers new home starting today, December 10th, 2013.  This launch is exciting and nerve-wracking in a way that makes me feel vaguely over-exposed–kind of like those dreams where you show up to class only to realize you’re naked.  But if my mom taught me anything, it’s that the only way to make a dream come true is to go for it.   Continue reading