The Sassy Black Sweater

Fashion Blogger In Manhattan

I’ve hit some benchmark in the blogosphere where people start sending you free stuff for review.  This is a lovely perk of being an unpaid blogger, but since fashion has never been my strong suit (I would describe myself as grubby-mommy-chic) I felt a little intimidated when a black sweater from a clothing company called Fresh Produce showed up in the mail.  Then I thought, I’m headed to New York City–what better place to try something on for size?

I wore my new sweater to Casellula, a darling little bistro in Hell’s Kitchen where I ordered a Pig’s Ass sandwich.  No, I am not kidding and yes it was so good.

Salad And A Pig’s Ass

All dressed up, I attracted some attention from a slender young man with his hair gelled up into an elegant faux-hawk.

“I just have to tell you,” he said, interrupting my bite of pig butt, “you are beautiful.”  I smiled and blushed and insisted that I looked old and tired, but he disagreed.

“Not at all,” he said.  “You are total Connecticut class!”  Wow!  Whatever Connecticut class is, it sounds very fancy, so I was pleased.

The next stop for my sweater and me was Lucky’s Famous Burgers on West 52nd Street.  Being full of pig’s ass, I did not have a famous burger or crispy crinkly cut fries, but just stopped to chat with one of the cooks.  He did not remark that I was beautiful or Connecticut classy, but his smile was so bright I wanted to hug him.

Lucky Girl

Finally, with a big day on tap at the office the next morning, I hailed a cab.  My sweater, made in the USA of a viscose and linen blend that caresses the skin like silk, had kept me warm on a cool spring night and I felt good in it—along with my borrowed Diane Von Furstenberg shirt, vintage Prada pumps and nineteen dollar Forever 21 jeans.  I’ll never be a fashion icon, but for a middle-aged mom who’s trying to get her career groove back, it wasn’t all that bad.

Getting My Groove Back

26 responses to “The Sassy Black Sweater

  1. Freeko’s still got it!! You go girl! ;-P

  2. “Sheeeeeeees Baaaaaaack”…… never cease to amaze….truly !

  3. “Grubby Mommy chic” is NOT how I would describe your clothes choices. I wanna get on the list to be sent a free sassy sweater.

  4. Nice handling of the swag — good you disclosed how it came to you, and kept it in the background. This is an interesting issue with blogging, since freebies abound and some companies pay bloggers to tout their products, without disclosing the pay-for-coverage relationship.

  5. As a member of your male audience let me express my disappoint with this blog post. Since we are not likely to ever wear a viscose and linen sweater, about the only thing we can take away from this post is that there is a place called Lucky’s Famous Burgers that might, or might not, sell a good burger. A close up picture of a Lucky Burger, or even better, of a double Lucky Burger is all that it would have taken to make us happy. I’ll be honest, the Pig’s Ass and salad looked dainty to me. In the future please try to consider this segment of your audience or you will be left with only those males that would in fact wear a viscose and linen sweater. Thank you.

    • By the way, what is viscose?

    • Ok, Mr. M, you have captured the title of best comment. I had to laugh, then re-read, then laugh again. I have learned a very important lesson from this, which is not to pass over the burger in favor of the Pig’s Ass.. Please accept my apologies and know this is a work in progress!! Cheers, Rich. You make me smile.

  6. You my dear Suzi would look CHIC, CLASSY, SASSY, GROOVY AND BEAUTIFUL IN BIB OVERALLS!!!! Love you!!!!!

  7. You are gorgeous! Loved all the photos.

  8. Heide Kingsbury

    That “Rich” guy is absolutely, totally, hilariously FUNNY!
    I don’t know what viscose is, either. It sounds gooey.

    I loved the article. You ARE Connecticut classy. Tante Heide

  9. I gotta go with Rich on this one. I love me some burger and that fella was just the kinda guy I like to burger down with. However, cleaver and fun with super mom photo’s is how I’d like to describe this post. Who took the pic’s? kudo’s to them….
    The big bag has “I’m a mommy” written all over it. Bet you a buck that there is something of the boy’s stashed in it.

    • ok, ok, I get it… one picture of a big, fat juicy burger is worth a thousand words (and better than a Pig’s Ass sando apparently!).
      My friend Cate took pics.. although, I have to brag that I was the art director. She is a comedienne, a real one, so between taking dorky pics on Lexinton and 52nd and the Pig’s Ass, imagine how many jokes we made that night… x Suzann

  10. I’ve been blogging for over two years and I’ve never gotten any swag. Of course, I’m not tall and model-like either. You’d think someone could have sent me a bike helmet or something at least ;) They’re right- you ARE Conneticut classy!

  11. You go, Sassafrass! You make whatever Connecticut Class is look great!

  12. Great post! You look awesome in the sweater and I love the way you accessorized it…. that’s why you got it! You know what to do with it! I’d probably put it on with jammie pants!

    • Hi Judy,
      Yeah, I’m pretty much most comfy in my PJs too! It was a fun thing to do though–dress up (for me!) and go out in the Big Apple. Thanks for the comment.

  13. It seems you had a good time! And when I’ll manage a journey to NY for sure I’ll look for the Lucky’s Famous Burgers!
    PS: Cate and you made very good pictures, brave!

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