Lemonade Stand

The Work Crew

Sunday was spent selling lemonade.  We made it with lemons fresh from my neighbor’s trees, and the kids chose the charity to which all proceeds would go.

Proceeds To The ACS

It was nearly one hundred degrees in the San Fernando Valley so there wasn’t much traffic along our shady lane.  But the people who did drive by were thirsty…


…and generous.  An LAPD officer donated a dollar for a cup, a guy on a bicycle gave three, a woman with a baby stroller gave five, and by the end of the day, three drivers had thrown twenties in our wooden cash box.

Stirring The Brew

$97 dollars will now go to the American Cancer Society from the kids (which I promised to match).  Our last customer was my mom–the reason we were out there in the hot sun, hawking ice-cold lemonade in the first place. Despite being in the middle of a grueling round of chemotherapy, she drank down a big cup of liquid sunshine we had saved just for her.

Yay Nana!

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21 responses to “Lemonade Stand

  1. So beautiful! What an empowering way to get the kids involved.

  2. The little family that could. Go Nana, Go!

  3. As I was out for a run Saturday morning I passed a petite woman. She was older than me, had pretty long blonde hair, glamour sunglasses and her workout gear. She was walking at a nice pace and bending and extending her fingers like I do sometimes to keep the blood circulating and decrease swelling. She reminded me of your Mom. So of course that lead to many prayers for you and your family and the medical team leading you through this. I think it will be a good week for you!

  4. Godspeed to your Mom and family. Could pick you two out as mother and daughter in a crowd of a thousand.

  5. Truely awesome! Always thinking of you. Always sending prayers, strength and energy your way. The best medicine? Gabi’s positive attitude and the unending love that surrounds her.

  6. So Luke just bought himself a shirt that says “when life hands you lemons be happy, because HEY. FREE LEMONS.” Reminded me of all that is happening with you. Sending love and every healing thought your way! Love from Maine.

  7. That is the best looking sales team EVAH! Fun for the kids, good for grandma and a great way to get the whole family involved. Congratulations – they all look so cute. My prayers are with you and your mom – always.

  8. Loved the whole story and its mission!!!!!!!!!Loved seeing my dear, dear, friend Gabby and I am missing her so much. I think she looks great . I think of her everyday and pray. Suz, do you have a weekly email you guys send out? In addition to walking papers and facebook?
    Love, Mimi

  9. What an encouraging way to teach kids about causes. I hope they all u]end up like you RIco, teaching them the way. Give your mom a big hug. I now am reading these again since they are coming to my email….yeah…

  10. I like this story, for sure the kids will learn a lot from it. Bravi, you all.

  11. So amazing! Love and miss your entire family so much!! Lots of love and prayers your way! This blog needs to be in a paper…… It’s wonderful to see positive motivation and heart felt service from kids! I’ll be able to sleep better knowing that “these kids” are our future!!

  12. Beautiful!!

  13. Wow…BeAuTiFuL!!!! Love this post. Thank you for sharing a moment so fabulous, I want to rush out and do it too!! Big hugs and LoVes for your Mom and your boys and your Man and yourself xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  14. I’m a friend of your sister’s (Stephanie) After reading your blog, The Beatles “Love Love Love…All you need is love” keeps going through my mind. I’m sending love and prayers your way. Your mom sounds incredibly amazing and so are her daughters, no doubt there. LOVE!

  15. Made me smile! Your mom is looking great, Suzanne.

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