All Alone In The Great Big Apple

New York City Subway Conductor

In Charge of The 765

The subways are clean in New York.  Even on a rainy December day, only a few leaves litter the car’s floor and the 14th Street station is Singapore-clean.  The old lady sitting next to me scootches over to let an African-American woman slide in with her small son.  On my other side, a Korean woman chatters with her friend, flashing a white smile when we catch eyes.  In Manhattan’s warm underground, where it smells of concrete, hot dogs, and humanity, it’s feeling merry.

Selfie taken under Union Square, New York

Selfie in the Underground

On this quick trip that mixes a business meeting with the pleasure of seeing several friends, I have one whole day to myself.  Wandering through jam-packed streets, I duck into the madness of Whole Foods in Union Square for lunch.  There are thirty-something cash registers and lines twenty deep–this place feels like peace, love, joy, and hurry the f#$% up–but it smells like heaven.

Union Square, New York

Hustle and Bustle in Union Square

Sitting in the cafe, eating my sushi roll and gluten-free cherry scone (HIGHLY recommend!) a tall, excruciatingly lovely young woman sits next to me.  She is picking at a salad and texting away.  I’m sure she is a famous model and think about how cool it must be to live that life in this city–until I remember I was a model here when I was 19.  It was nine-months of lonely misery and after nine months, I packed up and went home to sunny California.

Christmas lights in New York

Very Merry!

Four months away from the U.S. has given me a new appreciation for it.  And four months of non-stop family time has made me appreciate a solitary journey—one that ironically takes place surrounded by millions of people.  “Is it snowing there, Mommy?” Ado wants to know when I call to check in.  Not yet.  “Is it Christmas time there?”  Oh baby, is it ever, I tell my little boy.  And then I duck back into the clean, warm subway to catch a train to Rockefeller Center for another frenzy of holiday cheer.

Rockefeller Center, New York

Evening Falls on Rockefeller Center

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3 responses to “All Alone In The Great Big Apple

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  2. Love the giant-lipsticks-cum-Christmas-tree-lights sculpture! And glad you’ve enjoyed a bit of a getaway . . .

  3. Keeping track of you is exhausting! Merry Christmas! OXXO Mary

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