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Home Sweet Home!

After three years of dreaming about creating my own website, SuzanneRico.com is finally done.  Not done-done, but done enough to become Walking Papers new home starting today, December 10th, 2013.  This launch is exciting and nerve-wracking in a way that makes me feel vaguely over-exposed–kind of like those dreams where you show up to class only to realize you’re naked.  But if my mom taught me anything, it’s that the only way to make a dream come true is to go for it.  

At SuzanneRico.com, I’ll continue to document the joys, challenges, oddities, and adventures of my family’s life, posted from wherever in the world we happen to be.  Published essays, past posts, videos, photographs, contact info–it’s all there too and I hope you’ll subscribe (you’ll see the subscribe button on the right side of my home page–it’s free and email addresses are kept private).  I’d also love some feedback.  It’s been a long, strange trip from the news studio in Los Angeles to living a commune life in Spain, an evolution that continues without many dull moments.

Suzanne Rico in Marrakech, Morocco

Mobile Office in Morocco

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6 responses to “Walking Papers On The Move!

  1. Good for you!!

    You will have 10,000 followers soon.

    Turn this into a book. Self help book or how to travel the world, see amazing things and live a full life.

    You are hyper-intelligent, and a great writer.

    Just some thoughts.


  2. Your Mom is right! Go go for it, Susanne! OXXO Mary

  3. Congratulations! Best wishes for continued happiness and success !

  4. Wow, exciting news!
    PS: I have always said december 10th is a great day….

  5. That is so fantastic! Congratulations. And if I remember correctly your mom had a different emotion than most when she was publicly naked. Maybe that’s the key to it all?

  6. Congratulations. I don’t think you ever explained how you ended up in Spain. Is this your permanent home now?

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