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I used to be the morning news anchor for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. After nearly eight years of getting up at 3:15am, I was suddenly fired when I requested a promotion to hours that would allow me to stop walking through life like a zombie.  This really sucked—kind of like being shot out of a cannon with no soft landing in sight.

Cloudy Dawn

When I could look beyond the shock and humiliation of being escorted from the Broadcast Center as if I were a security threat, I asked myself a question: was I really going to let my eighteen year career end with a thud?  The answer was yes.  I had two great kids, a cute, supportive husband and enough money in our savings account not to panic.  We decided to leave Los Angeles in search of a life less centered around the beauty, success and power that often seem more important than air in this town.

Self Portrait

For the next year and a half, my husband Ethan and our two little boys, Griffin, 4, and Adrian, 2, became 21stcentury nomads, traveling the world to discover what should come next.  Campgrounds, coupons, frequent flyer miles and Top Ramen helped us navigate both American and international destinations and it wasn’t easy; we rescued an almost dead accident victim in Greece, got caught in a terrorist scare in Turkey, rushed Griffin to an Argentine emergency room on Christmas Day, not to mention being nearly trampled by an angry hippopotamus in Africa.  But it was the adventure of a lifetime.

A Long, Strange, Family Trip

Now we are back.  Because you can’t blame a place for your problems.  Our quest to carve out a less stressful, more balanced, happier life amid the noise that can sometimes overwhelm a person in The City Of Angels is the focus of this blog.  It’s about learning to stand up for yourself, learning to trust your instincts and talents, and learning not to let another person’s opinion ruin your self worth.  Getting fired was a gift.  And while the absence of the cushy CBS paycheck has been a challenging adjustment, instead of watching life unfold on a live studio monitor, it finally feels like I’m truly living.

Urban Rainbow

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  1. This is wonderful. It will be a smashing success. Thank you for sharing. Love, DW

  2. You are my hero. I love you. Go Rico Go!

  3. thank you so much for taking the time to share the brave bold and beautiful trip you are taking. i was in the business for 30 years, kid actor for 15, talent agent for 15, when a company buyout led me to realize it was time to leave. My husband and our 4 year old and 1 year old, sold our home at an extreme loss and came out East without jobs or a home, in search of a small town community with four seasons and good schools. We found it and a year later we live in Madison CT and have another baby. The story doesnt quite end there. We now make a TENTH of our former salaries. we are in a modest home but with 2 beautiful acres all the way in the boonies. We dont have cable TV, we dont buy juice, BUT my children know that their mom can do more than talk on a cell phone;-) Anyway not only do i RELATE to your tell but i really do think you are a brilliant and poigant writer and i am so grateful my friend Heather Simpson turned me on to your inspiring words!!!

  4. Your adventures are truly amazing!!! You are one of the best writers I’ve ever known and you have successfully brought all of us into your wonderful saga!! You and Ethan are living a life that probably thousands would love to do but don’t have the guts to make the move. You two have done just that! Real life is wonderous!!!! Love You

  5. gooo Rico! great blog, love the photos. xoxo looking forward to hearing about the rest of your journies

  6. Hi Suzanne! It was great seeing you again at GRK this summer, even though the occasion was sobering. Glad that I can share in your exciting year through your blog! Thank you!

  7. Hey, Suzanne:

    Jon/Lisa’s friend Richard here (please tell Ethan I said hey!).

    Lisa turned me on to the blog this morning, and I just tore through all the postings. I think it’s amazing what you guys are doing, and even better that you’re blogging it.

    I await future entries eagerly!

    all my best,
    Richard S.

    • Hi Richard! Coming from someone like you, that you took the time to read them is a huge compliment. So glad you enjoyed it. It is all a huge change – geographically, emotionally, financially, spiritually – but so incredible to experience. Thanks. xo to you and Tiger.

  8. Hi Suzanne: I hesitate not for a single minute the Lemons handed to you by KCBS Network will be turned into Lemonade!

    Love Parviz

  9. Wow! This is such an amazing way to share your experience with all us here who love and miss you all. Keep on writing, exploring, and most of all LIVING!

    oxoxo Helene , Rich and Nico

  10. We can’t wait to read about the next place you’ll be visiting. It’s also giving us great ideas for our next trip with the kids – Greece is definitely on my short list.

  11. Suzanne my love! Website is gorgeous- loving the stories! your friends in Den Haag sound amazing as does Nico. I love your “about Suzanne” intro. keep it up! miss you and see you on the 7th xxx

  12. Looking forward to the next few continents. Love, Greg, Anna, Kai & Milo

  13. Hello, you have such a great way of telling a story. Bayside is an awesome place, it was very nice to take a visit there. Thank-you, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks. It is fun to write these updates. How did you find me? Have you been to Bayside or just seen the pictures?

      Have a great week.


      • Rebecca Simonds

        I found the site through Malia. Yes, Rachel and I went to Bayside last weekend with the Ott ladies. I really didn’t want to leave, it is such a great place. I have lots of pictures, I hope I can show them to you sometime.

        I hope you are all enjoying your trip. I bet the boys are having a blast!


      • I’m so glad you made it!! It is so great and you are welcome anytime. We are having a great time!!

  14. Richard Schenkman

    Hey, Suzanne:
    I got an email about today’s post, but it’s password protected, and I guess I don’t have a password.

    Is that an oversight, or have you changed the way you’re posting the blog?


  15. Marian sorensen

    I love reading your blog–I couldnt stop! Your voice in your writing is wonderful! So glad I finally found your blog! Big hug to the boys. Happy holidays–I am guessing you will have a white Christmas! xo marian

    P.S. I loved the curling piece–so funny

  16. Rico, since I have been reading your blogs for the past few months, I never read the “About Suzanne” portion. Can I say, as a person who has also experienced the local news life, I totally applaud what you are doing!!! You are an inspiration to a lot of us and I bet you don’t realize how us slugs back here are envious of what you are doing.
    Hang in there and stay warm. We are going to the midwest for XMAS and my boys are probably burning candles, praying each night that when they get to cold ass Chicago in December, it snows…………..ain’t life good? Luv ya.

    • thanks baby! i know you know the grind. it feels amazing to be free of it.. for the moment. all i can say about chicago is.. brrrrrrr. it’s 40 degrees here today and this is a BIG warm up! xoxo

  17. Marilyn Townsend

    Buen viaje!

    • Ms. Marilyn! You must be so happy to have your boy home – and his fabulous family. Wish we could see you – we think of you often and hope all is well. It has been an amazing adventure so far. Hope to see you on another part of it.
      Besos, Suzanne

  18. Carole Salazar Grisham

    You’re a wonderfully gifted writer.

  19. Hi Suzanne. I am a friend of Heather Eddy and she signed me up for your blog, which I absolutely adore reading! You are a brave woman to travel so extensively with little ones. I admire your strength and sense of humour. I just wanted to put it out there that if you and your family ever find your way to New Zealand, where I live, we would love to host you. We live in Whangarei Heads, about 2 1/2 hours north of Auckland on the North Island. We have 2 kids as well (Jaida, 11 and Julien 8). We live in a Farm Park on the beach with all the amenities you could want (boat for fishing and cruising, jet skis, quads, dirt bikes, etc.) You are all welcome anytime (our summer is best with February having the best weather). Bonne chance et bon voyage, Jana Joy

    • Hi Jana–That’s about the most lovely invitation in the world! It’s funny because we were just talking about when to put New Zealand and Australia on the itinerary and then I get this email. Life, when you leave it alone, does some cool stuff. Anyway, as you said, probably then end of this year or beginning of next would be the time. Be careful though, we are the kind of people who actually show up!

      As for the trip–brave, I don’t know, but I try to have a sense of humor about it all. Since you have two kids, you know that is the saving grace. When I think I am going crazy, I just try to laugh. Thanks for reading along. BTW, are you American or Kiwi? We have another friend from LA who married a Kiwi and is now living there, so NZ is a must for us!

      • Hi there. We are all Americans. We moved here from L.A. 4 years ago before the U.S. economy took a dump. We haven’t looked back since. Have you ever been to New Zealand? It’s one of the few countries that actually like Americans. It’s such a gorgeous country with gorgeous people. The offer is open to you and your family anytime you want to come. We have a large house with plenty of space, so you’re always welcome. If you’re on Facebook, look me up: Jana (Woodall) Joy.

      • I can imagine why there has been no looking back! We would love to visit. Please stay in touch and thank you, thank you for reaching out. I’m not on Facebook–too scared of the past that would pop up–and really, no time, although I realize this makes me a dinosaur!! See you in NZ in the near future. xo, suzanne

  20. Hi Suzanne,
    We went to MOnta Vista high and graduated in 1983. RObynn send the link for your blog via facebook. I have read your blog and it is great! What you are doing with your family is great. It sounds like after you were let go at your news job that you had an awakening and realzied I need to do something different and doing a world tour is something you felt you needed to do, and I think it is great. I hope you get to go to London and Paris. I have had freinds who have been to both places and they tell me that they are great. I wish you and your family the best of luck.
    Take care.
    Todd Scott

    • hey todd! thanks for the comment and checking in… it’s been a LONG time since MVHS. hope you are doing well, and yes, you hit it perfectly when you say i had an “awakening.” life’s too short! it was great to hear from you. (and yes, hopefully, london and paris are in the future somewhere!)
      best, suzanne

  21. Josh Rubenstein

    Suzanne…your blog is fantastic. I would love to catch up with you when you can.

  22. Great stuff, Suzanne! Congdon just sent this to me and I’ll now be a follower if I can sort out how to follow on WordPress. Look forward to catching up on your adventures. My quick persual has been inspiring and fun.

    In this small little world I’m supposed to meet Megan Haley next month to run across the Grand Canyon… and back. I’ll make sure she’s aware of your travels.

    To the journey!


    • Steve!!! Wow.. what a great email to get. A big hug to Megan–and you guys are HUGE studs to be doing that. Wish I was joining you. Maybe one day!! Thanks for reaching out–and yes, to the journey!!

      xoxo, Suzanne

  23. Hey Rico! This is awsome. What an adventure! If you are heading back to the states any time in the near future, let me know. I’m doing a big road trip with my kids this summer, hitting AZ, NM, CO, UT, WY, OR, CA and maybe a few others. Would love to hook up if you are on the road and in the general vicinity.

    Megan Haley

  24. Suzanne,

    I have been wanting to get in touch with you for awhile now. You were so kind to help and mentor me over the years and I know it’s because of your help that I was able to reach my goals.

    I wanted to commend you on this new adventure. You’re a talented and beautiful writer, and I wish you great happiness and fulfillment in the days ahead. Thanks for opening up and sharing the ride with all of us.

    I hope we can talk sometime–I have many questions!

    All the best, Maureen

  25. Hi Suzanne, Dick Eddie put me on to your blog, and I am so glad he did. We missed seeing you this last year in Mexico. I hope you do not mind, that I sent your blog along to our friend Morton Dean. He was very impressed with your writing, and said after reading your travel blog he felt rather guilty that he didn’t keep a log on his recent trek back to Vietnam.Lov to all, Bob

    • Hey there!! So lovely to hear from you. Hope both you and Betty are doing well and we missed seeing you this year as well. As for Morton Dean–that he would even read my blog is a HUGE compliment to me. And that he thought it was good makes me smile. I figure that the blog will ensure that I will always have a written record of this amazing time in our lives–so it’s worth the time and effort. Hope to see you soon! Sending love to Georgia,

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  27. Hey Suzanne,
    I miss my cousins but am still living vicariously through your blogs. If you come back to LA for a longer stay please let us know. We’d love to get the familiy together to hear the stories and give you lots of hugs!
    Keep writing!!

  28. Hello Mrs. Rico:

    I miss you on CBS2, but I’m happy you’re not drowning. Word is you moved to Maine. I read it on a blog. If you want, show your reel to the New England stations. In Boston, there’s WBZ4, WCVB5, 7NBC, New England Cable News and FOX25. WMUR 9 is in Manchester, N.H. There are plenty of stations in the New England states. Just show them what you did for Los Angeles. I’ll miss you, and best to your family as well. So long.

    • Hey D.E.,
      What a lovely comment. Thank you–it is nice to be missed. I never got to say goodbye to any viewers, my exit was so fast and surprising (especially to me!). No, I am not drowning. I am learning to dog paddle and go with the flow, which really helps you stay afloat. As for going back into the business, I think I will move onto something else, but I appreciate the vote of confidence! We actually ARE in Maine, but it might not be permanent. Right now, everything, and every place, is possible. Hope you will stay with me on the journey.

  29. Suzanne, you’re pretty amazing.

    • Hi Lemor, What an amazing thing to say! It is something James would have said, even if I wasn’t feeling all that amazing at all. It reminds me that just one small, kind word can make a person’s day. Thanks for making mine.

  30. Kristine Lazar Hatton

    What a wonderful journey! I can’t wait to read all about it, in between live shots (and cat naps) during the morning show (which misses you greatly). I would love to catch up sometime. My Griffin will be 1 in July! Keep on trucking…

    • Would love to catch up too, and see a photo of that little Griff! I will look at your FB page to see if there is one there. Isn’t it AMAZING? i remember telling you that no one can tell you how much you can love those little creatures. it is overwhelming. mine are so big now, 3 and 5, and i think.. how did this happen? it seems like yesterday that they were born. good luck with everything. i hope you are managing to balance work and motherhood better than i was! xoxo

  31. Hi Suzanne/Ethan and family,
    We only met a few times and I always thought “damn, what a smart, honest and real couple.”
    I stand in awe of this radical sabbatical.
    I am now a faithful follower.
    Best Chris Mc

    • McWatt–The feeling is mutual and I was always sad that we did not get to see more of each other in La with your lovely wife. Let’s make that a priority when we return (in ??). Do you mind if I use “radical sabbatical?” LOVE it!! Thanks for checking in. Miss you guys.

  32. Julie Randazzo-Alli

    Dear Suzanne,
    Even though I don’t know you I just want to say that I think you made an excellent decision for yourself and your family. I moved from Northern Ca to Southern Ca almost 7 years ago. This city can swallow you up and strip you of things that are important just in order to survive. I’m almost 48 and feel as though I’ve aged just since living here. Your decision to consolidate and liquidate and pack up the family and leave, I think your children will have a deeper appreciation for the closeness of family and the lessons all of you will learn. I admire your courage and strength! What a wonderful story you have shared.

    • Hi Julie,
      I do think my decision was a good one. It becomes more apparent to me every day. It was scary and unsettling, but I felt so strongly that it was my chance to really move forward. I think it has a lot to do with moving through mid-life and having the intense realization that the clock is ticking so quickly, there is not a moment of life to waste. The simple joy of being able to make my own decisions about my time has been amazing–and living at this less frantic pace a gift for me and my family. I hope you stay in touch, and think there are a myriad of ways to still live in LA (or any fast paced city) and stay sane, balanced and happy. Let me know if what you find! Best,Suzanne

  33. Nice to see this, Suzanne! You are living your life, which will open your eyes and enrich you and your family in countless ways. Sylvia and I stepped off that cliff twice. The road less travelled is indeed filled with uncertainties. How you meet them and what you do then is what defines who you continue to become. Heck, we’re living in Mexico…You have our very best wishes and greatest admiration!

    • Jon and Sylvia!
      This is so cool to hear from you–and a quick google search updated me on your lives since I last knew about them in the late 90s! I have to admit, I am a little jealous–and have a ton of admiration for the life you have carved out for yourselves. Yes.. living life without the fear of “what/who will I be without the virtual nametag of Newscaster” is eye opening. I almost didn’t jump at the chance to find out–and am eternally grateful that I did. My family is infinitely better off to have a mom/wife instead of a zombie too!

      We are planning to spend a year in Spain–so once I get my Spanish FINALLY up to speed, we will come join you for a Margarita in beautiful Mexico!
      Thanks so much for saying hello. The community I have found post-CBS has been incredibly helpful and encouraging.

  34. Hi Suzanne,
    We still miss you in the morning. You were very pleasant to wake up to. You were always very cheery. We Miss You!

  35. Margaret Ratchford

    You are so awesome – Thank you for sharing your journey and your wisdom.
    I am inspired by all that you are, and all that you are doing – as always – ever since we were kids! Let’s catch up soon. Much Love, Margaret

    • Margaret Lee! The girl I always aspired to be when I was a kid! it is so great to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. We have to catch up, as I have lost touch, except through our mothers! Where are you, who are you, what are you doing? I have lots of questions for you–since you are one up on my, knowing that I am fumbling around the world with my family, trying to ease into this next phase of life! Sending much love to you.

  36. Suzanne,

    I love the blog! I use to watch you on KCBS in the mornings until I woke up one morning and found out that you weren’t there any more. I was saddened by what happened, since you were very great at delivering the news. I wish you the very best, and hope that you find fulfillment in whatever you decide to do next. Hopefully, I’ll see you on TV again or maybe making some videos for your blog, but if not…it’s ok too.

    Good Luck!

    • Thanks Rudy–what a lovely note. It was a bumpy exit, but a necessary one, I think. I do wish I could have said goodbye to viewers though instead of just disappearing. I would like to make some videos for blog–just haven’t gotten around to it–so stay tuned!

  37. I was wondering what happened to you! Good for you and your husband to take the road less traveled!!

  38. Christopher Dobbins

    Wow! My wife and I have been wondering what happened to you after channel 2 in Los Angeles.We miss you in the morning.She found this site and it made us happy :)Looking forward to following the blog.

    • Hi Chris–Thank you so much for the note. Glad to know I was missed. It felt like I just disappeared, never getting a chance to say goodbye to people I had connected with for almost eight years. A little surreal, but in the end, a blessing. Hope you both follow along and stay in touch.

  39. I feel like I’m missing something in the story – were you fired because of your email or the story about vasectomies, or something else?

    • HI Donna! Yes.. um.. well.. I”m not exactly sure why I was fired. It happened suddenly and without any warning. I think the fact that I asked for better, more family oriented hours was part of it–and that I wanted to be valued by the company. It had been a long time since I’d felt good about what I was doing and how I was (or better put, was not) supported. Anyway, I threw the vasectomy thing in there for laughs–because it really stood out to me that THIS kind of silly story was what ended up being the last of a long and successful career. I’ll go back and take a look–I don’t want it to be confusing.
      Thanks for checking in. Whatever the reason, it was one of the biggest gifts of my life.

  40. I stumbled upon your blog and cant tell you what an inspiration you are. We share a similar life expirience and you give me hope that there is a better way to live. I think its great that you have found the true meaning to what brings us happiness in such a superficial world. Best of luck!

  41. Hi Suzanne: I just spent a lovely evening in your house in Bayside at Trudy and Bob’s wedding. Beverly told me of your blog, so I thought I would check in. You are a fantastic writer and I love reading about your adventures. My husband Greg and I own Little Bohemia, the little arts and crafts cottage across the street from yours in Bayside. Sometime we will have to meet when you are back in town.
    All best,

    • Hi Seth! We have been dying to meet you and Greg for a couple of years now… sad! Sorry we have not made more of an effort. I love your house and hope we can get together in the fall when we are back for a visit. Thanks for checking in on the blog–it is fun to write and it has been an incredible adventure.


  42. Suzanne-

    I stumbled upon this site from a Facebook reference and have been hooked ever since—-don’t know if you remember me but we went to junior high together a long time ago. Your reference to Rika and to the pain of not making the seventh grade cheerleading squad made me laugh—I so remember that time and disappointment well! I live vicariously through your adventures and love your writing. Safe travels and keep writing!

    • Hi Jeanine! Of course I remember you. We walked the same path. Lovely to hear from you– and please stay in touch. It has been amazing to reconnect with people from three decades ago. Hope you are well!

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  44. Suzanne – I am so glad I Googled you this morning and found your Blog. We’re proud of you and a little, ok a lot envious of what you and your lovely family are doing with your life right now. I miss you in the mornings, you were always a refreshing ray of sunshine. The morning news has not been the same and they are still trying to find their style. You are a class act. I hope the best for you.


    • Fred! This made my day–on a great day too, so you had lots of competition. I love to hear that *somebody* missed me when I left. I never got to say goodbye. Thank you so much for writing. Stay in touch. Best,

    • Love your blog title. When I am not sitting on a marble paved street in Dubrovnik, Croatia, I will check out your blog–and respond to more comments. But I think the internet cafe is tired of me and I’m tired myself. Thank you for the lovely feedback. Suzanne

  45. I am in awe. Your boys will be forever grateful that you have shared this experience with them. My parents traveled with my siblings and me and we are richer for it. Nevermind the low-rent inconveniences, just take a look back at your blog for a constant reminder what you and your family have done together. Best of luck…can’t wait to read about the next adventure.

  46. Love it! More people should try this. This sounds like a lot more fun than reporting news. Good for you and your family. What an experience for your two children.

  47. Hi Suzanne, I got to your blog through freshly pressed. Your ‘about me’ page had me floored. Absolutely courageous how you are dealing with life after losing your job. And absolutely shocking how KCBS could do that to you after 18 years of service!! This reminded me of something I have been meaning to write on, how in earlier times work used to be a means to a better life, as opposed to being the centre of our lives, as is the case these days.

    I am sure your kids are having the time of their life.. not just because of the travel & adventure but also because they have both parents lavishing all their time on them! :-)
    What could be more wonderful. This is what life should be like.

  48. I just found your blog on the Freshly Pressed page. What a brave decision you made! I love when you say that you finally feel like you are truly living instead of watching life unfold on a studio monitor. That’s very inspirational!

  49. Hi Suzanne,
    Stumbled on your blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading your recent posts and looking through the photos…you gorgeous family, you!
    Anyway a couple of things chimed. I’m a documentary TV producer. Took a break form my career to live in Devon (SW UK) on a 200 acre farm, raise my 2 daughters and do something completely different. Sadly I separated from my partner and now back in Bristol trying to re-ignite my career. It’s turned out to be a mammouth task; such a competitive industry and little scope to fly off to do a shoot when you’re a single mum.
    Prepare for a career shift when you get back; don’t expect those awful past employers (who seemed to handle a perfectly good request by you really badly) to welcome you with open arms. You can write; be a journalist; find a niche for your talent and experience.
    Something else chimed for me. I lived in LA between 1987-90. I have some wonderful friends from that time who I still keep in touch with. There is one in particular who I think would be a great connection; I think you guys would have endless things in common. She’s a writer, a filmmaker and a wonderful mum to 3 gorgeous kids….oh, and a golden lab. She lives in LA. Here’s her LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/julietjohnson. If you want to hook up with her, email me and I can send you her email privately. I don’t know why, but I love connecting people especially when you spot the link.
    I think you & your husband are doing a great thing not only for yourselves but for your kids; what an amazing adventure for them; and what wonderful mental food they must be lapping up. I congratulate you. Good luck with the rest of the trip and if you need a pad in the UK just drop me a line. My details via LinkedIn or Bramblemedia.wordpress.com.
    Best wishes,
    Mitch Turnbull.

    • Hey there! I will write more when I am not running through a foreign country trying to pirate internet signal! But thank you!! Look forward to hooking up with her and talking more with you! Best,

  50. Love your style! Very engaging. I thought it sounded like the Jerry Maguire plotline a bit in the beginning, kidding :) Anyways, I admire what you’ve done. I wish more people would wake up to this and give up on the status quo so that finally some of the things we’ve been doing wrong as humanity would have a chance to change.

  51. Hi, Suzanne! I’m a cousin of Bob Hazleton’s…who said you (and family) might be passing through our neck of the woods at some point, Prague. If that’s not another one of Bob’s despicable lies, :-), I hope we can touch bases…always love helping visitors enjoy our fair city, advising or traipsing alongside, if schedules (and our 6-month-old) allow. After all, any friend of Bob’s…and all that; and, conversely, any cousin of Bob’s…is probably someone you’d rather avoid, but it’s a small city and you’d probably run into us anyways! Would love to know when you’re coming through and how we might help.

  52. wow, what an amazing adventure! no doubt more satisfying than sitting behind a news desk. i envy your courage and abandon to just pick up and go.

  53. Great read on the blogs, talent can not be contained, you are doing what so many would like to do,
    a leap of Faith, in today’s world , is the only security.

    • Thanks Bob. Lovely to have the encouragement. Life feels so… scrambled at the moment, and we are about to take yet another leap of faith. I just have to believe that life will take us where we need to go. So, I’ll take a deep breath and jump (again!).

  54. I m so glad you spoke out. you are amazing
    I hope to see you on the tube soon.
    My son is 11 he always asks where is the nice
    Lady on #2 We miss you


    • Hi Ari! What a smart son you must have! (:
      Thanks for your note. It always encourages me to hear from someone that I did the right thing, even though I knew it in my heart. I think I will not go back to TV, but please follow along here. Writing is a new passion for me and we’ll see where it leads.

      Best to you and your family!


  55. Hi Suzanne-
    You spoke to our magazine writing class tonight at Annenberg and I just checked out your blog. After reading various posts and hearing all that you’ve done, you honestly seem like someone who would be fun to just sip on a cocktail with and talk about your AMAZING life. I can’t wait to keep reading your posts. Thanks for coming to our class!

    • Hi Melissa! I AM fun to sip a cocktail with! Don’t know how interesting my life is, but it works for me. Thanks for being interested and for checking out the blog. It’s my little baby–just starting to take baby steps.
      Take care and stay in touch.

  56. sounds like a gas!!!

  57. Wow, Suzanne. What a great story! Good for you for leaving! Life is short and there is so much more to life than work. I was laid off from a terrible job in sales right before I decided to get pregnant. I would go home every day in tears, it was so bad. I never thought I’d stay at home but I love it. I especially love blogging and feel like I’ve entered a new part of my life that is exactly the way I dreamed. Traveling, volunteering and writing combined with being a happy, healthy mom and wife. I look forward to reading your blog!

  58. Suzanne, I regularly interview interesting people for my blog and would love to profile you and send my regular readers to your blog. Would you humor me and answer some questions at your convenience? It would be an honor to profile you! Thanks in advance, Cindy

  59. Congrats! I just nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award.:)

    Here is the link announcing it: http://livesimplylivethriftylivesavvy.com/2011/12/24/i-got-my-christmas-gift-the-versatile-blogger-award/ .

    Thanks for being inspiring, and make sure to pass the award along to your favorite blogs!

  60. Suzanne – My friend Gwen in LA posted your story on FB – Good for you!! If you are ever in Park City, we would love to host you and your family – seriously!! I look forward to following your adventures!

  61. Suzanne,

    I have no clue how I landed on your blog. I got a divorce from my TV station in Dallas after 14 years as a reporter. But I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I was fired but now I’m free to do what I want when I want to do it. I freelance and choose stories I want. There is so much out there–no more news treadmill! Thank you God. I love your blog. You’re real and inspiring. Keep up the good work and love your photos.

    Rebecca Aguilar

  62. Don and Nita Douglas

    Years ago in our other lifetime, we lived almost far enough out of LA (in Cherry Valley) but had to commute to LAX… oh well. Tried moving east between Atlanta and Birmingham, loved the drive across the country but were still too city-close. Tossed jobs in losing the house, moved to a small town north of St. George, Utah… red rock country. Now we live between Pahrump and Dammeron Valley but we won’t say exactly where because then everyone would move here… We admire you for the courage to put important things first; and will keep you and those others like us in prayers. Have fun and enjoy those kids! We’re now enjoying kids and grandkids and would not change a thing!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I think finding your “space” on this planet is such a blessing. Mine, I think, is a litte town in Maine, but we hesitate to move there because most of our family is on the west coast and I don’t want to be so far from them–especially because of my kids. I guess it is really all about finding a balance–and it’s a lifelong work in progress. I envy yours!

  63. Colin Jackson

    It is interesting that you say that your only marketable skill would be somewhere in broadcasting. You are obviously a very talented writer so it seems to me you have a lot of other marketable skills that would allow you to continue your balanced life. I struggle with the trick of being sane and feeding myself and my family. I am an L.A. native, went to UCLA, and now we live in Utah. In some ways it is career suicide being here, but we own a house with no mortgage, we ski in the winter, camp, hike and bike in the summer. We have time to spend with our 6 year old doing all of the above.

    I ran across your blog since we are planning a trip to Turkey and Greece this summer. We are looking forward to Sirince, but not the 6am call to prayers.

    Anyway, thanks for your blog. It is inspiring.

  64. Hi Suzanne

    I enjoyed scrolling through your blog posts and think my favorite is the “Getting Smarter” post and love that your son made up a little positive song to sing to himself while riding his bike. Shoot me an email if you might be interested in reviewing an item of your choice from a women’s clothing retailer. I know it is a little off topic for your blog, but I figure a woman whose been in the public eye knows about fashion. We’d love to work with you!

    • Hi Jo–you might not have looked too closely at MY pics, if you want me to review fashion! But I do know what I like–so it sounds like fun!

      Suzanne Rico, Fashion Editor!

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  66. Hello, Suzanne. Island Traveler introduced me to your blog.

    So, you’re taking a long trip. You’re talented. You’ll find something to do when you’re ready. Perhaps this time, something you’ll be passionate about. We all only have one life. No regrets! Life’s too short for that!

  67. Hi Suzanne! Just reading about your new journey after feeding the little guy at 4AM. So happy for you! I never felt like I was truly “living” when I did that shift…or fully awake for that matter! I remember getting up at 2AM (usually 2:20AM :), getting ready and thinking, you couldn’t pay me enough money to do this for 2 more years. Although I miss the business at times, there’s so much more beyond TV news and were both proving it! Lots of love to you and your family. Here’s to your journey! Don’t ever come back to LA!!

    • Hey there! SO great to hear from you…. and you have a little guy! Must be really little if he’s up at 4am. I remember those days. Glad to hear you are healthy and happy and making good things happen in your life. And yes, you know more than most how difficult that shift is on every aspect of life. Stay in touch. And congratulations, Dad!
      xo, Suzanne

  68. I started my day with you – every morning I would watch CBS 2 News with you and Kent. Now I watch channel 7 because of what they did. Thank you so much for posting your adventures via walkingpapers…………..I know check for daily updates.

  69. Hi, Suzanne,

    Saw you in “Company Men” and thought I would google you. We went to grad school together in northern CA back when. I knew then you were much more than a pretty face. So glad you are out of the rat race and enjoying your beautiful family.

    All the best,

    Dave Black

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  71. Hello, Suzzane. Your blog is great. You should check out Sonia Marsh. She has a “Gutsy Living” book and blog and a few years back did a similar thing. I know her, and she would love your story.

  72. Monica Clark Copeland

    Suz! Your mom and Traute have talked about your journey. The last time I saw you was at your Mom’s open house and you were pregnant and had a horrible cold. Lisi said she had never seen such a gorgeous pregnant woman! I finally met your two adorable boys at Heidi’s 80th in GRK. They are soooooo sweet! Much love, Monica

  73. Hello. Just read an excerpt of your story in Los Angeles Magazine. Amazing. So honest, brave, and inspiring. Truly an example of when one door closes, another opens. Looking forward to your book and hopefully the movie. You are so lovely and should be cast as yourself!

    • Hi Stephane–you should see how fast my fingers moved to approve your comment! Thank you so much for your lovely compliment and optimism about my life change. It’s been a process for sure, one that continues to evolve. It is always scary to let people into your thought process regarding something as personal as this, but I keep telling myself there is nothing to be afraid of. If I can be true to myself and keep striving to be a better person/mother/wife/worker–then all is OK. Thanks for writing.

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  75. Hi Suzanne, I just read your article in LA Mag. It was wonderful! I wish you the very best in your journeys, and I hope to keep reading your work.

  76. Hi Suzanne, So great to read your story in LA mag today. It was serendipity. I too was let go from morning TV 14 months ago while 8 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd child. Just like you, it’s been a gut-wrenching blessing. I am following my heart and hope to write about it one day. Thank you for writing about your inspiring, brave journey. All the best to you and you family. I look forward to your book and to seeing more of you.

    • Nicole-I will write to you via email but for now, thank you for writing to me! There is a certain beauty and relief that comes from throwing it all out there. “I was fired” is certainly not the first liner that anyone wants but at leasr it’s not the last!
      All best to you–and enjoy that baby!

  77. Suzanne!

    It’s been a long time. So glad you’re happy. Email me when you get a chance.

  78. Hey, did your mother write, Writing the Natural Way by Gabrielle Rico? That book is my absolute favorite on writing and has helped me in a million ways. HF

  79. Suzanne I just read your blog at excatly 5:21 pm, 3/4/13. I never ever knew any of this until right now! I haven’t even finished reading but I wanted to share this tid bit… I remember seeing you in the early mornings as beautiful, bright & fresh after your morning newscast at the Broadcast center & the old studio. I used to think to myself what an intelligent, bright beautiful & extrodinary woman. I used to think I’m going to be just like her when I grow up??? I still think that! Lol… that is because you truly fit that description. Blessings going out to you, your family and your mom!

    • Oh Mary, you were always such a sunshine. Thank you for the sweet compliment. I was such a zombie back then it’s nice to know it didn’t always show. I hope you are doing well and flourishing in life. You certainly deserve it!
      Thank you for the blessings for all of us as well–we need all we can get.
      xo, Suzanne

  80. Hi, I just found your site and I can’t begin to tell you how uplifting and inspiring your story is. I love how you turned a potentially devastating event like a layoff into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Continue to stay positive and resilient, and great things are sure to come your way!


  81. Suzanne is a Marvel,an inspirational person!

  82. Suzanne…..
    Could you contact me? I am now co-chair of Yrc and we want to dedicate June conference to her. She is my mentor and soulmate! Your blog is wonderful, and I would love a copy of her guest blog for our conference. And we need short bio. What did you use in the memorial program? I am at kathleenhudson123@ hotmail.com and 830-377-3186 Hope to hear soon.

  83. this is one of the BEST bio i have ever read.. you justify the lines i read somewhere..

    when life throws lemons at you, go make a tequilla..

  84. But, you know. not everyone is that lucky.

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  86. Glad I found this blog (while just doodling around WordPress)
    Love the throwaway style of “lost my job so travelled the world” writing.
    Great reaction by the way … Well done you (all of you).
    I will be back to find out more.
    Meanwhile best wishes.

  87. How is it that I’ve only now discovered your blog?! Wow, I’ve only read your “About Me” page, and I’m a huge fan! Congratulations on your courage to step out into the world and really REALLY live, inspiring others along the way! I have a lot of reading to do! :)

  88. lacasarosaelpuerto

    …I’m reading this and I don’t feel any embarranssment knowing a lot of your deep private life… You gave me the gift of listening it directly from you in our “real morning walks” thank you for your friendship!

  89. Since you were the very first blog I discovered and I love reading your posts and appreciate your talent – I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.

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